Hasnain Ali Yousuf

Hasnain Ali Yousuf

Founder & CEO

To provide hygienic, healthy, and quality food.


To be the most trusted brand for food in terms of hygiene, quality, and taste for customers.

What We Do

We are offering a wide variety of food services including Institutional catering, packed food, parties, weddings, corporate events etc. We want to be the most trusted food partner for your events and daily catering needs. We provide a variety of cuisine options as per your requirement.

We also offer a fully customized menu for lunch, dinner, corporate events, and catering. For more information, please contact our Business Development team at either of the following:

Our Core Values
Honesty and Trust

We maintain a strong relationship with our clients and stakeholders with utmost regards to honesty and mutual trust.


We promote a culture of ownership within our organization where a culture of taking initiatives and ownership for work nurtures.

Customer Service

One of our top most regards is for Customer Service through proper and clear communication as well as creating an atmosphere of trust between clients and company.