Bilal Amjad

Bilal Amjad

Chief Executive Officer

Bilal is a visionary healthcare entrepreneur who founded a Lahore based health-tech company with a vision to make healthcare services accessible & reliable along helping the healthcare service providers in transforming their traditional practices into digitally advanced and automated practices.

His areas of interest, expertise, and experience are:

1. Digital Transformation
2. Cloud Computing
3. Artificial & Cognitive Intelligence
4. Business Intelligence
5. Blockchain Systems
6. System Automation
7. Telemedicine / TeleHealth
8. Electronic Healthcare Systems
9. Growth Hacking

Bilal is a well-known IT community leader and is known for his immense community contributions to bridge the gap between industries and information technology and due to his huge contributions for empowering people and giving them abilities to perform well in multiple domains of IT, Bilal is being awarded as Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional since 2016.

His contributions include a huge number of workshops, articles, mentorships which helped more than 1,000 people every year. Bilal’s mentorships are not just limited to individuals but are also helping organizations and Institutes across Pakistan:

1. TIE
2. LMKT Spark / Microsoft AppFactory
3. Facebook Developers Community

Beside all these contributions, Bilal is also a certified Microsoft Professional and a Certified Digital Marketing Expert from LUMS.

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